Object Oriented Programming in Java

0 4-5

In this course we will learn how to do object oriented programming (OOP) in Java. Are your interested in coding as a professional developer? Are you want to programming your own Graphical user interface (GUI) or even a website that runs with Java (JSP)? In this course we cover the basics of Java as data types and classes and APIs that are relevant to send and receive information from a server as Amazon AWS or others to your Java program. In the first day we cover how to use an Integrated Development Environment in Java. We cover how to „code“ in other words we learn the syntax and the semantics of the programming language Java. We cover primitive data types and reference types and as well as data structures as lists to store and access multiple data in your program. In the next day we focus on APIs in Java to send and receive data from a server as Amazon AWS. Then we learn how to program a graphical user interface and to draw or interact with. Final we cover the basics of JSP and build or own website with Java.

For further information please send me a message via contact form.

Time: 9 am to 5 pm

Duration: 2 days

Language: English or German

Institution: Webinar and In-house